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Our Story

From coffee shop to metaphysical hub of Puerto Vallarta.

Where It All Began

A uniquely different concept.

Starting as a modest coffee shop with a few tables, spiritual texts, and a cozy meditation corner, the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Mystic Circle Cafe quickly drew visitors seeking metaphysical connections. Today, Mystic Circle Café is a beloved hub of spirituality in Puerto Vallarta, known for its unique blend of spirituality, creativity, and extraordinary experiences. The café hosts live music, intuitive workshops, special events, and speakers sharing metaphysics and spirituality topics.

What Our Guests Are Saying

Such a peaceful and beautiful cafe with delicious coffee. My cappuccino was a real treat. Kennedy the proprietor will also make you feel most welcome in his charming and welcoming space. So nice to meet you, Kennedy!

Caroline Wilson

Commitment to Our Purpose

A coffee house that feels like home, offering extraordinary opportunities for metaphysical exploration.

We make it our goal to create a sanctuary to explore metaphysical topics, community connection, and holistic well-being. We aim to provide a welcoming space where individuals can explore their spiritual journeys, share their experiences, and find inspiration. Through what we offer as a coffee house, enriching events, and a warm, inclusive atmosphere, we strive to foster a sense of peace, hope, and enlightenment for all who visit.

Creating Community

A commitment to making a positive impact.

Community is a large part of our mission. We proudly feature a Memorial Wall dedicated to honoring loved ones who are in Spirit. This wall not only serves as a touching tribute but also as a beacon of hope and compassion. Each sconce and name inscribed on the wall represents a donation to local charities. Through our Memorial Wall, we foster a spirit of giving and remembrance, uniting our patrons in a shared commitment to making a positive impact in Puerto Vallarta.

What We Offer

Coffee House

We take pride in offering exceptional coffee made from locally sourced, organic beans. Each cup is brewed from our unique blend, delivering rich, aromatic flavors that showcase how good coffee should taste. Try our delicious coffee on your next visit to Mystic Circle Cafe.

Metaphysical Exploration

Our welcoming atmosphere invites you to explore practices like meditation, intuitive art, engage in mystical talks, and holistic healing concepts such as energy healing and plant medicine. Every cup of coffee here serves as a gateway to a more conscious way of living.

Unique Events

Our café offers engaging weekly events like meditation and tarot card readings, along with special events such as poetry nights, game nights, performances, and workshops. Each event fosters connection, creativity, and personal growth, making every visit unique and enriching.

Products and Services

During your visit to Mystic Circle Cafe, explore our handmade ceramics, crafted jewelry, soothing incense, aromatic candles, nourishing body lotions, healing tinctures, and holistic and plant-based medicines. Each item is thoughtfully curated to align with the interests of our guests.

Shop Our Store

We have curated products that are made locally. Each item is thoughtfully crafted and most are one-of-a-kind. Come into the cafe and ask about our microdoses which are specially made to enhance focus or to create a feeling of well-being.

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