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Dil Divine

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Dil is dedicated to guiding growth-oriented souls through life’s most challenging moments. Specializing in Oracle and Tarot Card Reading, Spiritual Coaching, Guided Energy Calibration, and DNA Purification & Activation, Dil brings over three years of experience to help individuals return to peace and reconnect with the joy and abundance of life. Combining humor, joy, respect, and reverence, Dil offers a balanced approach to make this profound work impactful and transformative.


Oracle & Tarot Card Reader

Using Oracle and Tarot Cards, Dil channels insights from your Highest Self and Spirit Guides to illuminate the wisdom and guidance needed for empowered steps on your journey. Whether you have specific inquiries or choose to surrender to your Higher Self, Dil’s sessions reveal the most pressing information for your soul’s advancement.

Energy Calibration Meditation

Dil’s meditative visualization sessions aims to calibrate your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical layers. During the visualization, Dil intuitively directs healing light aligned with your intentions for optimal wellness. This session helps clear energy, release blockages, gain clarity, and receive empowerment for your next steps.

DNA Purification & Activation

You will be guided to repeat DNA Activation Codes, received through the channeling sessions of Yann Lipnick. These codes purify and calibrate your cells and being for optimal function. Depending on your intentions and needs, the codes can optimize your chakras, master glands, energy plexuses, and various parts of the body.

Oracle Informed Life Coaching

You will receive Intuitive Life Coaching through facilitated inquiry and dialogue, along with an in-depth Tarot and Oracle card reading. Dil will channel insights and messages from your Highest Self and Spirit Guides, illuminating the wisdom, guidance, and confirmations you need to take the most empowered next step on your journey.

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All appointments are scheduled in Central Time Zone. Please ensure you check the local time in Puerto Vallarta before booking. All rates are listed in Mexican Pesos, and exchange rates may vary depending on your country and financial institution.