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Kennedy Morgan

Medium and Strategic Coach

Kennedy Morgan offers a unique approach by integrating intuitive skills into strategic life coaching and mediumship services, providing personalized guidance and support. With a focus on enhancing personal growth, navigating life transitions, and connecting with spiritual insights, Kennedy empowers individuals to achieve clarity, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives.


Mediumship Readings

Kennedy facilitates profound connections between souls of departed loved ones and the living. With a compassionate approach, he acts as a conduit, delivering messages of love, healing, and guidance from the spiritual realm. Kennedy brings comfort, closure, and reassurance to individuals seeking solace and understanding beyond the physical world.

Mediumship Mentoring

Kennedy’s mediumship mentoring offers personalized guidance in developing intuitive abilities to connect with the spiritual realm. Sessions focus on practical techniques like meditation and energy clearing, fostering confidence and understanding of spiritual messages while maintaining ethical practices and a supportive environment for clients’ spiritual growth.

Life Strategies

Kennedy’s life strategy coaching with energetic integration focuses on aligning practical life goals with holistic well-being, incorporating techniques to harmonize physical, emotional, and spiritual energies for sustainable personal growth and fulfillment for those over 40.

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All appointments are scheduled in Central Time Zone. Please ensure you check the local time in Puerto Vallarta before booking. All rates are listed in Mexican Pesos, and exchange rates may vary depending on your country and financial institution.